Sheila's Guide to Gujarat, India

Mention less-visited Gujarat, India to some people and you’ll get a blank stare. “Why would you want to go there? What is there to see?” How about...The world’s only Asiatic Lions and unique Wild Asses...Tribal people whose colorful dress differs from tribe-to-tribe...villages that produce exquisite handicrafts...a white salt desert stretching into infinity...beyond gorgeous step wells built by Kings and Queens...Palace Hotels...Important Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Islamic religious sites...ultra-friendly Gujaratis who are thrilled to see you... Isn’t that enough? It seems like some people work their entire live so they can take an Exotic Vacation, when in reality, such a trip can be had for less than taking the family to DisneyWorld. Let Travels With Sheila teach you how to Travel the World on a Budget, share exotic locations with you known only to locals, and most importantly, ease your fears about languages, currencies, personal safety and staying healthy. HERE’S SOME OF THE INFORMATION YOU’LL FIND INSIDE... - Important Tips for Traveling in India. - The Dos and Don’ts of Planning A Trip to Gujarat. Now, Travels With Sheila tells it like it is with personalized, up-to-date information and photographs. What you need to make the most of your trip. See the best of Gujarat by following her travel tips while it is still on the road less travelled by foreigners.

Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People

Culinary Biographies
Truett Cathy's commitment reaches far beyond the people who work and eat in his restaurants. Through WinShape Centre Foundation, funded by Chick-fil-A, he operates foster homes for more than 1,600 children and has provided scholarships for more than 16,500 students.In Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People, Cathy challenges readers to focus on people and principles. The principles he outlines in this book have brought success to his business, and he insists that anyone who follows them will surely enjoy similar results.

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