The 7 Systems of Balance: A Natural Prescription for Healthy Living in a Hectic World

Anger, confusion, frustration, tension, sadness that just won't go away. These are some of the feelings we experience when we're out of balance-feelings that affect us physically, from a knot in the stomach to a serious addiction. Modern life is so complex, exciting, interesting, and demanding, it's easy to be carried away ... to be out of balance and feel out of control. In The 7 Systems of Balance, renowned psychiatrist and Harvard Medical School alumnus, Dr. Paul Sorgi, reveals a breakthrough approach to achieving a fully balanced life based upon scientific research and years of successfully helping thousands of people. In simple, common sense language, Dr. Sorgi helps readers understand what really triggers feelings of imbalance, what's going on in their brain and body and, most importantly, what they can do to correct and prevent the emotional dizziness that can engulf them. Using poignant, true stories from others who have won their own private out-of-balance battles, and by candidly revealing his personal experiences, Dr. Sorgi shows how to develop a personalized plan for balance; not a one-size-fits-all approach that so many other books have advocated-no fad diets or false spiritual gimmicks, but practical, effective rules for finding a unique pathway to a balanced life. The 7 Systems of Balance is a masterful blend of Dr. Sorgi's medical and psychological expertise: a book that will open new windows of discovery and new opportunities for all who read it.

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