2012 Property Preservation Specialist Reference Manual: 2012 P&P Referfence Manual

BLOW OUT SALE of this 2012 edition of the most comprehensive step by step how-to reference manual in the field or home for maintaining and preserving properties. Subjects included: Required equipment, safety equipment, yard maintenance, grass cutting, documentation, winterization, pool securing, re-keying and replacing knobs and deadbolts, lock drill outs, regular and hazardous debris removal, damage identification and much more.

Heaven Is Having You

Grandma explains to Little Bear what heaven is from her perspective… Heaven is eating homemade cookies and wrapping up Little Bear in a warm towel after a bath. And it’s the feeling she gets from watching Little Bear play with Grandpa. But, most importantly, though, she tells him, “Heaven is just having you.” This is a lovely sequel to the best-selling Love Is A Handful of Honey.